Commercial-type Equipment


『 Commercial model 』

SUN-250L, SUN-500L

SUN-500L: function, process and operation:

  • Kind of organic wastes treated:

    food wastes, vegetable and fruit wastes, bagasse, sludge etc.

  • Treatment capacity: 500 liters

  • Treatment time: ≦ 24 hrs.

  • Treating Process of the System SUN-500L

A U-type spiral transporter is used to feed raw materials to the shattering device.

Bones, clamshell, durian and other hard organic components can directly be shattered by a highly efficient shattering system. A pre-treatment or sorting of the hard organic wastes is not required. During shattering, addition of water or moisture is also not required for shattering the organic wastes into the slurry.

This system transports the slurry to the decomposing system.

The slurry is transported to the decomposing system. Composting-free microbiological enzymes and reactive additives are added to shorten the processing time. These procedures achieve fast processing and transform the waste into organic fertilizer.

This patented system dries the decomposed material by using recycled heat energy in a sealed tank without producing any secondary pollution of air and water. The whole process is maintained at a temperature of more than 100℃ for 8 hours to insure the dryness and disinfection of the product.

The products of the process are a high quality soil conditioner or bioactive organic fertilizer, also known as “environmental fertilizer.” It is suitable for the soil improvement and for improving the absorption of nutrient by crops. When applied to soil, the fertilization efficiency of soil for crops can be dramatically improved.

  • Application of the product:

    same as the bioactive organic solid fertilizer series of SUN-5000L