Carbon footprint verification of composting-free equipment and treatment

Activity data study analysis

  • Draft system margin explanation document。
  • Activity data study and documented。
  • Collect related evidence and file。
  • Internal investigation and goods carbon footprint soft ware calculation

  • Internal investigation and data correction。
  • According to factory filed list and proceed software calculation target goods carbon footprint. (life cycle software is from Gabi, Germany)。
  • System margin explanation document draft。

  • carbon03

    Data adjustment and complete goods carbon footprint report

  • Data adjustment and software calculated then certify goods carbon footprint。
  • Organize carbon footprint investigation file。
  • Write goods carbon footprint investigation report。
  • Goods carbon footprint certification stages

  • Audit related information。
    • 🔹Goods carbon footprint report
    • 🔹Deliver investigation company required documents
    • 🔹carbon footprint investigation file
    • 🔹System margin explanation documents
    • 🔹Prepare outside audit required related varification information
  • Outside investigation。
    • 🔹The related department coordinate audit
    • 🔹Prepare audit related required documents
    • 🔹Coordinate attend outside investigation
    • 🔹Provide factory inquiry
    • 🔹Adjust related deficiency
  • carbon06